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tactical electronics Partners

Partners includes:

Motorola Solutions

ICOM  America


ADS Inc.

Aluma Tower

Atlantic Signal

Communications-Applied Technology

Ground Control


Leonardo DRS

Ultra Electronics CIS

Precision Test Systems Ltd.

Decodio AG

Skybridge Tactical 

private sector 
Partners includes:

Lockheed Martin

Northrop Grumman


GE Transportation

Wipro GE Healthcare 

Partnered with US Federal recognized Indian tribes for procurement opportunities.

Government & military 
Partners includes:

U.S. Department of Justice 

U.S. Department of State 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Defense Intelligence Agency 

Department of Homeland Security 

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

U.S. Army 

U.S. Marine Corps 

U.S. Air Force 

U.S. Navy 

U.S. Coast Guard 

U.S. National Guard 

Special Operations Forces 

Special Law Enforcement Units 

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR)