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digital video

Solutions for Digital Video Transmission Over Radio Frequencies

High performance non-line-of-sight digital video transmission ideal for body-worn applications. Designed for use in underground warfare situations such as caves. Also effective for fixed or mobile use for tactical surveillance. Stream live video from each of your team members’ helmet mounted camera and view them in real time on a split-screen. 

  • Battery powered 1 to 4-channel suitcase systems. 
  • Multichannel systems can be housed in shock-mount composite or aluminum 19” rack cases or vehicle mounted. 
  • Can be used with many types of simple cameras. 
  • Small 100mW transmitter can be easily concealed for covert use. 
  • Larger 1-watt transmitter is body-warn at shoulder height usually with a Molle-type vest such that the flexible antenna can extend above the wearer’s body. 
  • External batteries are available in a variety of capacities and are a wearable conformal rechargeable type. 
  • Multiple receiver systems can be configured for mobile and portable use with high- capacity recording ability. A laptop or tablet is used for viewing and control. Larger displays are available. 
  • Optional power amplifiers are available up to 20 watts for the most challenging applications. There are also many options for fixed and portable receiving antennas.


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