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Dismounted c2

Dismounted soldier Solution

Dismounted C2 Solution Similar to our Tactical REPEATER SOLUTIONS.

For forward operating outposts where airborne or covert operations. 

  • Same frequency bands, waveforms and services available as in our Tactical Repeater Solutions.
  • Compact and ruggedized for airborne operations. 
  • Rollatube mast with integrated or compact antenna options. 
  • Ultralight battery power options. 
  • Rollup solar panels. 
  • Highly custom applications can be disguised as consumer electronics or other devices. 

IR-33 Mini Tactical Operations Center Communications Kit

Packed into MOLLE Ruck Sack attached to HSPR Hook-Pile Tape lowering line

  • Provides Auto-Acquire & Track SATCOM
  • Dismounted soldier VHF/UHF short range
  • HF long range, and Tactical Voice Bridging at the Drop Zone

Example of Dismount C2 Package: 

IR-727 Kit This HF Kit allows you to go from VHF/UHF to HF for long distance communication. It’s secure, encrypted and self-contained. The kits contains: 

  • VHF/UHF Handheld 
  • VHF/UHF Base Station 
  • HF Radio 
  • IR-727 Kit High Frequency [HF] Radio Bridge 

Examples of Applications: 

  • Backup to SATCOM between deployed Teams and TOC’s 
  • Alternative communication for protection of deployed teams 
  • VHF/UHF Handheld Radios In or Near a typical TOC 
  • Typical Tactical Operations Center [TOC] 
  • Typical Deployed Landscape 


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