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HF Bridging


HF interoperability systems designed for your mission in wide range of tactical, expeditionary, fixed and vehicular configurations.

  • Frequency Bands: HF radio to VHF/UHF/SATCOM. 
  • Waveforms: NBFM, NXDN, P25, Tetra. 
  • Services: Conventional, Trunking, MILAIR, CIVAIR and Marine VHF. 
  • Telephony: 4G LTE, VOIP, Analog POTS. 
  • Multi-voltage operation utilizing modern battery chemistries, generator and/or vehicle supplied power plus a variety of solar power options. 
  • Rugged light-weight expeditionary systems deployed and stowed in minutes by one or two personnel. Also larger, high-power base and vehicular systems for longer duration missions. 
  • Complete packages including portable V/UHF omnidirectional antennas, HF radio wire antennas with coaxial cables, guy and masting. Larger fixed permanent/semi-permanent high-gain antennas and site equipment also available.
  • Rugged expeditionary masting from BlueSky Mast available in a variety of configurations
  • Rechargeable batteries can be packaged in different capacities. Multiple packs can be purchased and quick changed in the field. Many options for field or fixed battery charging capabilities are available. Options for single-use 5590 type batteries exist for ultra-portable operation. 
  • Simple to deploy and operate in diverse environments with basic tools. 
  • Typical Deployed Landscape


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